1. Guelph Artisan Store Update

The Guelph Artisan Store in downtown Guelph is open again! And hopefully, if all goes well with the pandemic response, will stay open this time. I have updated the paintings there and I refer viewers to this site's Menu, listing At the Guelph Artisan Store, where the paintings are posted. The is "February Hike," and I write this now in February 2021 and again, like last year when this painting was created, there is plenty of snow on the ground. Check out "March Hike," also at the store now, to see that, yes indeed, spring is around the corner!

The Guelph Artisan Store is located in The Old Quebec Street Shoppes, immediately at the main intersection downtown. Masks are required within the building.

2. Art in the (Virtual) Street

I have recently submitted seven paintings to be juried for this summer's Art in the (Virtual) Street. As the name implies, those artists chosen by jury will display their work online. Stay tuned for more details, and I hope I will be chosen for the show. This is my first year applying. There MAY be an additional live show later this year, perhaps in the fall, if provincial pandemic restrictions permit.

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